About Me

"It's the Dead Girl!"

This is a cry I have heard from people in my city over the last four years since I returned home to Victoria, British Columbia. And it all started with a drag queen in the washroom of a nightclub we both used to frequent. She decided my hair needed more volume, even though it was crimped and gigantic at that moment. While pinning my hair into a fabulous crimped mess of a faux-hawk she told me I reminded her of that "wonderful dead girl, what's her name again?"  and so thus was born my new identity. Any time I would see this wonderful queen she would yell "It's my Dead Girl!" and then promptly adjust my hair.

Two Peas in a Pod
Hi, I'm Steffi, aka the DeadGirl. I'm a single mom in my mid-thirties and obsessed with occult, macabre, and mystical anything. I've led a ridiculously dramatic life, not by choice, but I roll with the punches quite well. I'm pretty much an orphan, a survivor of abuse and I live with anxiety and have battled and beat depression.

I established this blog to nurture my creative, bookish side. I want a place to rant and rave about books, a home for my crafts I sell, and a place to talk about my experiences as an outsider, single mom, goth, and aro/grey-ace bi woman (yeah it's complicated). I wan to foster conversations on topics that many wouldn't associate with your typical "mom" type.

As of this moment, I am still discovering who I am, so perhaps this page will be updated and change in the future. I believe humans are fluid by nature, and therefor this page will probably be fluid as well.

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