5 Things I have learned after Streaming for 5 months

I have been on my streaming journey for almost a full five months now. There's been a lot of stumbling along the way. Things I thought I could do easily, turned out to not be so simple. And I didn't give enough thought to other things that I probably should have. 

So I've decided to share a little bit about what I've learned in the last five months. Now, full disclaimer, this is in no way me saying "HERE GUYS DO THIS!" I am no expert, I'm just sharing what I learned and applied to myself as a way to do things.

Click on for what those five things are!


Having a schedule is key, not only for yourself, but for your viewers and community.
A schedule for yourself is paramount in avoiding what I consider the biggest obstacle for streamers; burnout. And always start on the lower end of the amount of streaming you can do and grow from there. You are the one in charge, so you can make changes to find what best works for you!
As for how it benefites your viewers, you become a regular fixture in people's routines. Oh it's Friday at 6 pm? Time to turn on Galaxy and watch her be really weird as she dies a lot! Having a schedule that you can keep to helps with that. We all need to cancel streams occasionally, but if it's happening so often and last minute due to burnout, people wont keep coming back to you!
I also schedule in time off streaming. And the computer. Tuesdays I have a rule that I stay away from my PC as much as possible. I'm still available on Discord to my communities, but I have scheduled blog posts, tweets, and more so that I can unplug and refresh myself.
Making sure you have that free time scheduled is vital to having a work life balance when you work for yourself!

2 - A Support Network is IMPORTANT
Having people you can talk to streaming about is another crucial part of being a streamer. Even if it's just to vent. I am lucky that my closest friends are supportive and involved in my streaming career, from being a mod to helping me set up my website and Etsy store.

Not everyone may have that. So join a community to foster some friendships with other streamers. Try and find a community that isn't solely focused on growth as well. Many communities out there these days seem to be focused primarily on growth and are over run with self promotion and streaming "advice".
Here are links to the community pages on twitch that I am a member of!
Caster Cafe at www.castercafe.com The Order of Awesome on Twitch The Glam Clam Squad on Twitter

3 - Have goals you can control

Having goals for followers and donations are great, but as a streamer we have no control over what others do. When you make goals where you are the one in control, it is a good way to keep your motivation up and it's great when you can cross them off your list.
Some example are:
  • Setting a schedule 
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Hosting a new streamer after each stream for a set period
  • Never being late to a stream this week/month/year
  • Never missing a stream in whatever time period you choose
  • Spending time in other caster's streams and chatting to expand your network
  • Being more active in your discord
  • Tweeting out your stream on time every week
  • Scheduling social media posts
4 - Career vs Hobby

This is something I feel is very important to decide when you are streaming. Everyone wants growth right? Well if streaming is not going to be your primary career, you become a hobby caster. I may get some flack for saying this, but if that's the case, then you really need to worry less about your growth. Just really focus on streaming because you love it and it's fun. Your growth may or may not happen and that's okay.
If you're looking to make this a career you need to put a LOT more focus and work on what you're doing. Even if it's just a part time gig to start. If I didn't have this opportunity to make streaming my career and focus right now, I'd just be doing it as a hobby to be quite honest. And even with me choosing to do this full time I was not prepared for the amount of WORK that it is.
Take a moment to really think about your life and what you want. What is realistic for you right now. A lot of people don't want to hear they cannot do something, and that's not what I am saying. The time it takes to get somewhere however, may take a lot longer.

5 - It Takes Time

And finally it takes time. I am lucky enough to be in a beta program for stream instruction as well as I have a streaming coach who helps me set my goals and give me a realistic idea of what needs work and priority as my focus.
But even with that, and doing "everything right" my growth is slow. It's organic. I see a lot of people joining growth communities thinking there's some magical thing they will do and move from 5 to 50 average viewers in a month. There's no such thing that exists.

Be consistent, keep to a schedule, decide what you really want out of streaming and BE PATIENT. Good things will come, I promise! Would I had done things differently at the beginning if I read something like this? Probably not. I'm stubborn and tend to think rules don't apply to me. Am I doing these things now? Absolutely. I can't wait to check in with you all in another five months and see where I am at!
What do you think about what I've learned? Do you have anything to add to this list? Do you have things I haven't pointed out to share? Let me know in the comments below.
Stay Wicked,


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