June Schedule!

I did it! I have a base schedule for the month of June! Days with a rabbit silhouette are rabbit movie streaming days! If you are interested in playing games with me on their scheduled days, make sure to let me know what day and in the Discord so I can let you know if that'll work!

5 Summer Gore-Busters for 2018

This year is shaping up to be a great year in the horror genre. If you have spent any time chatting with me, you know horror is my jam. My favourites are anything that falls under the possession genre. Exorcisms really get me going. However, I'm taking a look towards the summer and the new releases. As well as watching some major hitters for community nights in my Rabb.it room in June. Read on to see the top 5 horror movies I'm excited about this summer.

5 Things I have learned after Streaming for 5 months

I have been on my streaming journey for almost a full five months now. There's been a lot of stumbling along the way. Things I thought I could do easily, turned out to not be so simple. And I didn't give enough thought to other things that I probably should have. 

So I've decided to share a little bit about what I've learned in the last five months. Now, full disclaimer, this is in no way me saying "HERE GUYS DO THIS!" I am no expert, I'm just sharing what I learned and applied to myself as a way to do things.

Click on for what those five things are!

5 Ways to Be Supportive of Loved Ones with PTSD

As someone who has lived with mental illness I often get asked by friends, family members, or significant others what they can do to help. I found when my PTSD was most severe that I could not answer that question. It’s really difficult to separate yourself to see what you need. Now that I am in a place where I have more control, and I have educated myself on PTSD and General Anxiety Disorder, I wish to share my knowledge. So here are a few tips on what you can do if you know someone with PTSD.