Risen from the Grave

Oh well, hello...I didn't notice you there.

We should get caught up.

The past five months have been a wild ride. If I went into detail about everything we'd be here for another five months. So here is a to the point summary! Let's go!

 I started working at a bookstore. I was approached by a law firm. I quit the book store and went full time at the firm. My ex and I battled in court. On my birthday. My PTSD and anxiety disorder went ahead full throttle. I left the law firm. I started streaming. And now the Spawn will be home schooled soon.

Yeah, so that's uh...it. In a nutshell.

I will of course elaborate on things and moments in the future, as I tend to do. This is just the speed run version of my game. The end result for the DeadGirl Creative was stagnancy. I always planned on returning and getting this rolling again. But now it's an all encompassing home for all of my outlets if you will.

Up at the top in the menu you'll notice some changes. Over at the side in my socials, you'll see some updates. So make sure you clicky click click to your beautiful heart's content and get back in contact with me.

I will be posting once a week on a multitude of different ideas. Some posts will be lengthy, maybe split into parts for me to have pre-written. Some will be short and sweet. As for what I have in store, well that list seems to never want to end.

The Brainstorm of the Galaxy

So what am I planning? EVERYTHING. But let's try to simplify it all with one of my favourite things, a list!

  • Twitch Streaming
    • Currently streaming Diablo III, Borderlands 2, Stardew Valley & Little Nightmares
    • Creative Stream has started! I am crocheting and painting as much as I can. 
      • Will be selling items in my Etsy store and taking commissions
    • D&D with the DeadGirl Galaxy! (see down below)
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    • start a short, light campaign with some people who are regulars in the Discord and my Twitch Channel. 
    • Still looking for a DM 
      • I may DM in the end...for the first campaign
  • DeadGirls Read Books
    • Book Club!!
    • Everyone welcome
    • One book every two months
    • Looking for 2-3 people to come on my stream through Skype or Google Hangouts and discuss the book with chat!
    • Bookstagram Account
  • Talk Show
    • Female talk show on my twitch channel
    • Schedule TBA
    • Looking for 2-3 women to join me to talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING
    • More to come

So, yeah there's a lot coming up guys. I have been given this fabulous opportunity for the next 12 months to throw myself into these mediums and be as creative as I can be and I feel blessed by the gods. 

I can't wait to go on this journey through the galaxy with you.



  1. As I said on twitter, I'm totally down for streaming for D&D and bookclub!

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