7 Tips for When you hit a Reading Slump

They're taunting me. Stacked 9 or 10 high on the swirly iron shelf in my living room. I spend most of my day trying to not look directly at them, because I know what they'll say to me. "Why aren't you reading me?" "Only five days left" "READ ME DON'T YOU LOVE ME". I suffer from reader's guilt. And this leads to reader's block. Different from the book hangover, reader's block is when there's too much to read and you just can't.

7 Tips for When You Hit a Reading Slump DeadGirl Creative

7 Tips for When You Hit a Reading Slump
One of two current library stacks.
In March I joined Bookstagram. And I've made some amazing friends. Read some amazing books. Made some ridiculous purchases. But with the endless flow of new titles constantly gushing into my line of view, never to be staunched, my TBR is the most bloated it's ever been. And I live in a lovely city with a pretty wonderful public library system. So these books are available to be for free! Six days a week! For the taking! And I do, I take, it's like shopping without the financial burden. However then a new burden pops up. The due date. So I currently have 25 books checked out of the library. And while my daughter and I share a card, only a handful of those are for her. Because when people love a title, I want to love it too. When everyone is reading something I want to read it too.

Lately I've found however, that I'm not super into some of the books I'm reading. Now it could be because I've been reading a lot of YA fantasy, and while the characters, settings etc are all different, the overall story is the same. More and more recently I'm finding I'm reading because it feels like I "have to". So here's what I've done recently to get me back to reading because I WANT TO!

1. Send back the stack of unfinished library books.

I know, this hurts me too. You waited weeks and weeks for your copy of Strange the Dreamer, but there's no way you can finish it and six others (six ahaha- more like 12) by the time they're due. And having them sit around creates what? GUILT! And you aren't a reader to feel guilty. Look through them all, read the synopsis of each one and pick one, maybe two and send the rest back. And DO NOT replace them on your hold list.

2. Pare down that hold list

Go through your hold list and decide what you would really WANT to read if they all arrived tomorrow. Cancel all but those. My library app and account allows me to create lists. So I have TBRs created. When I can't think of something to get, or want to shake things up I look through them. I've stopped making "Place book on hold" my go to when I see my library has copies of a title I like.

7 Tips for When You're In a Reading Slump
Grab a book you love.
3. Pick up a book you love. 

Grab an old friend. Make a beverage of choice and fall in love again. 

4. Reorganize your bookshelf

There's something about taking all your books down, holding them, turning them over and becoming reaquainted with them that sparks a desire to read. And don't do this with the intention to be able to make yourself read or find a book to read. This is just to love your books in the physical space they occupy. If you start getting reader's guilt (it's a thing, trust me) then walk away. 

5. Put down the Bookstagram/Booktube TBR list. 

Just because everyone has read it doesn't mean you need to read it RIGHT NOW. Books will be around forever. I think we need to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to read every book as soon as it's out because all these book reviewers have already read their ARCs. It also puts a large financial burden on readers to keep up with all these books that they're NOT READING. You know when I buy books? When I've read them before and will read them again. (Okay or if Book Outlet is having a sale and I find some really pretty covers) The easiest way for me to get out of a books slump is to push all the library books aside, all the "I need to finish this series" books aside and ask, "What do I want to read RIGHT NOW?" and pick up that book. Maybe I just read it. Maybe I've read it ten times. But, it gets me reading again.

6. Visualize

Just stay with me for a second okay? I know how hokey this sounds. Close your eyes and think about all your wonderful books. What cover jumps out at you. Or which one do you keep coming back to. Good, get that one and read it. 

7. Just stop worrying about what everyone else is doing. 

7 tips for when you hit a reading slump
My books are everywhere.
Don't put so much stock into what internet booktubers/reviewers have to say. While I do enjoy watching and looking into their opinions, I remember that a lot of them are just regular people with a high follower count. Now this may sound catty, but I'm just saying they're every day people (for the most part, a few have degrees in english or library sciences) who love to read sharing their PERSONAL opinions on books. We forget sometimes that follower counts do not mean they are an expert when it comes to literature. In the end read what you want. But please to keep an open mind if you do decide to pick up a problematic title. Do your research. But make it just that, research, not based on a high profile person's opinion. 

So DeadGirl Crew, how do you all get yourselves out of a slump? Do you have any tips to add to this list? Please leave them below in the comments. And remember, reading is supposed to be fun and good for your brain. It's perfectly fine to digest a junk food book once in a while. 


  1. Great tips. I find that since I started uni it's nm been hard to read a hardcopy book so I usually listen to the audio version while doing chores.

    1. I'm still trying to find a way that audobooks really work for me. I get distracted by what I'm doing, fall asleep, or just stop moving to listen! But there's so many I love!

      And when I'm actively in school my reading takes a serious hit because it's replaced by reading law textbooks, so I feel your pain!

  2. I'm not familiar with bookstagram but it sounds like something I might like! I haven't been reading as much since I've been trying to focus on my blog. But I think I may need to take a break and READ!

    1. It's basically a corner of IG where people take pictures of their books, review books, hock bookish products, talk about books. It can be really fun.

  3. I've found it so difficult to sit down and make time to read a book, I've found the best way to get back into it is picking up an old book I love to read! I always forget how enjoyable it is! xo

    Hanney | www.blogabouthanney.com

  4. Some great tips. I am now on a mission to find some good books to read on my holiday by the poolside and finally beat that reading slump.

  5. I'm in the worst book slump at the moment, just finished studying A-Level English Literature so I'm not quite ready to face another book ahah!! Your tips are so helpful though, I'm going to practice them asap!! X

    1. School definitely creates some of the worst reading slums I find!!

  6. I LOVE your blog 💖 xoxo

    http://www.Raexoxo.com & http://www.RaexoxoMonthly.com

  7. reorganizing my bookshelf usually does it for me. I tend to pick up one of the books I have not read yet during that process, and start reading in the middle of working on the shelf, lol.

    Great post!



    1. So true! I'm in need of a reorganize, but that's because I have more books. Again. Don't know how that keeps happening!

  8. I've realized now the only time I read is late at night when i'm in bed. I try to read earlier in the day but I can't bring myself to do it.

    1. I use eReader apps on my phone so I can read a few quick pages anywhere I have a moment: at bus stops, waiting rooms, lazing around waiting for someone.

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