7 Tips for When you hit a Reading Slump

They're taunting me. Stacked 9 or 10 high on the swirly iron shelf in my living room. I spend most of my day trying to not look directly at them, because I know what they'll say to me. "Why aren't you reading me?" "Only five days left" "READ ME DON'T YOU LOVE ME". I suffer from reader's guilt. And this leads to reader's block. Different from the book hangover, reader's block is when there's too much to read and you just can't.

7 Tips for When You Hit a Reading Slump DeadGirl Creative

DeadGirl Reads - June

DeadGirl's June ReadsI didn't do as much reading in June as I wanted to, yet I feel like I read fifty books. I did glance through quite a few non-fiction and reference books, but I didn't always read them all, so I didn't add them to my read list on GoodReads. Speaking of, please follow me over on GoodReads by clicking HERE!

First and foremost is the book I can't bloody shut up about:

A Sport for the Non-Sporting Mother

I am not athletic. I am probably the reverse of athletic. For a self-admitting extremely judgmental person, I despise being judged. I played sports growing up as it was a requirement in the private school I attended to participate in competitive sports. And boy did I suck. Even at basketball, which everyone assumes if you're tall you must excel at it.

June Favourites!

Okay so the blog didn't launch in June, so it's a few days late technically, but if we're really going to split hairs like that, this blog and the DeadGirl Crew probably isn't for you. June saw me finding a few new items I can't live without, and reconnected me with some old favourites. Let's get to it!

1. The Coffee phone case

Stumbled upon this on Instagram one day and tracked the image back to a Society6 store. I am a firm believer that there should be a tarot card called "the coffee". This image is everything that is me, coffee, crystals and black stiletto nails.

You can get the case in pink or clear like mine. I chose the heavy duty case because I'm clumsy and drop my phone a lot and my apple care just expired. It's not as good as my old otterbox but it doesn't feel as exposed as just a decorative case does.

Which Witch? Movie Edition

If I spent enough time raking through my past I could probably pinpoint the exact witch from pop culture that was the defining witch for my foray into Wicca. Starting with Roahl Dalh and his Witches through to current day and Vanessa from Penny Dreadful, witches (and vampires) were, and still are, my jam. 

I started this post by trying to chose my top ten favourite witches. Well that was pretty much impossible. So then I turned to pop culture in general, tv, books etc. My list grew. And then I found movies I haven't seen. Books I haven't read. It wasn't a productive time in the sense that I was getting tangiable information to make a list for anyone! 

So I broke it down, and this week, we're starting with movies. Today, when I think of bad ass witches and must watch movies, these are the five that come to mind. Keep scrolling for honorable mentions as well as one that probably should be on the list, but surprisingly I haven't seen yet!

Recipe: Chocolate Spiral Cookies

I'm always looking for easy things to make with my daughter in the kitchen. Now she's almost nine she really wants to be in there and helping out. Today she even made me breakfast in bed (cereal and coffee), lunch (salad), our afternoon snack (crudites), and the salad for our dinner with a friend. She's becoming more capable before I can even blink!

She came home with a "Mom & Me Cook Book" a while back and this recipe is from there. It's a base cookie dough that you can use for multiple things. It reminds me of a shortbread/sugar cookie dough. Not too sweet either which I love.

I am a Slob with a capital 'S'

My sewing machine is under this.
Sounds pretty harsh. Or you're grossed out. But it's nothing but the truth. I am a slob. And I'm finally coming to terms with my truth so I can change it. I was doing pretty good, but I'm still learning how to live life. I'm a solo human being. I don't speak to parents who I didn't grow up with. and the ones who raised me passed away years ago. No one was here to teach me how to adult so I'm still trying to figure it out. I'm extremely stubborn and way too smart for my own good. This isn't ego this is me acknowledging that I can talk my way out of doing anything because I'm smart enough to figure out rational reasons why.

10 DeadGirl Things

Hello there my DeadGirl Crew! I hope today finds you well. I thought I'd share a bit more information about myself so you could get to know me better. Other ways to learn more about me are to follow me on all sorts of different social media platforms! I'll add those at the end, and you can also find the in the side/menu bar. Please introduce yourself to me in the comments, or if I already know you - BabblingNerd and & Ridiculous I'm looking at you two - leave me a fact about yourself that I don't know!

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